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If you would like to listen to Sonic Radio, please fill your information in the appropriate boxes below. SonicLiveRadio.com online streaming is specifically designed for Sonic Industries Staff and Sonic Franchisees who would like to listen online and provide feedback on Sonic Radio to StudioStream Signature Sound, the official provider of Sonic Radio. A valid sonicdrivein.com or sonicpartnernet.com e-mail address is required for a username and password to be enabled. 

Our mission is to provide Sonic Drive-In guests with the finest audio programming available. Sonic Corp. & Subsidiaries is the only company that provides a personalized, live radio show to their restaurants. Send all correspondences to feedback@studiostream.com. Thank you for registering a username and password to listen to Sonic Radio.

You should receive an e-mail confirmation if your account is enabled. Remember, a VALID sonicdrivein or sonicpartnernet e-mail address is required. Please do not register if you do not have a valid e-mail address with Sonic.  


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