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About Us

Sonic Radio is the official music provider for every Sonic Drive-In in the country.  With over 3,500 locations, it's no wonder we are live and nationwide. Unlike most music providers, we have DJ's to make your day just a little bit better, and go perfectly on the side of your favorite Sonic combo meal! 

How We Started

In March 2000, Sonic Industries requested a new and unique music experience for their restaurants. They partnered with StudioStream Signature Sound to create a music program that feels like "you are on vacation on a cool summer day" with a family-friendly, contemporary aura. StudioStream Signature Sound developed the innovative idea of creating a music program complete with DJs that interact with Sonic's customers and environment.

The radio shows captured Sonic's desire for a fun, contemporary music experience that was unique from their competition, and in 2001 Sonic Live Radio was on the air nationwide. Almost two decades later we are still providing all 3,500 Sonic Drive-Ins in the country with an excellent music program featuring entertaining DJs, daily specials, and hits for all generations. Check us out for yourself at your local Sonic Drive-In.