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About Us

Sonic Radio is the official music provider for every Sonic Drive-In in the country.  With over 3,500 locations, it's no wonder we are live and nationwide. Unlike most music providers, we have interactive DJ's to make your day just a little bit better, and go perfectly on the side of your favorite Sonic combo meal! 

How We Started

In March of 2000 Sonic Industries wanted a new and unique music experience for their restaurants. They partnered with StudioStream Signature Sound to create a music program that feels like "you are on a vacation on a cool summer day" with a family-friendly, contemporary aura. StudioStream came up with the innovative idea of creating a live music program complete with DJs that interact with Sonic's customers and enviroment.

The radio shows captured Sonic's desire for a fun, contemporary music experience that was unique from their competition, and in 2001 Sonic Live Radio was on the air nationwide. A decade later we are still providing all 3,500 Sonic Drive-Ins in the country with an awesome music program featuring entertaining DJs, daily specials, and hits for all generations. Check us out for yourself at your local Sonic Drive-In.